Breeding 2023

The National Breeding Summit is an independent, online event that will inform all attendees on the significant challenges that will need to be considered when every dairy farmer is planning their breeding strategy for 2023.

The National Breeding Summit - Breeding 2023 will take place virtually on
Tuesday, January 17 2023. Register now for this FREE event.

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About Breeding 2023

Your Breeding 2023 host, Ivan Yates, will be joined by Ireland and the world's best breeding and dairy industry minds to get to the bottom of the most significant factors affecting the important decisions for the breeding season of 2023.

How will reducing your GHG emission affect your breeding choices? Is now the time to get the most out of sexed semen? What Nutritional factors need to be considered for the transitional cow? What is the right heat detection tool for your farm and herd? We answer all these questions and more! Join us and ask your questions on January the 17th to be prepared for what could be the most critical breeding season of the last 20 years.

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Live Event

Building on our virtual events background, attendees can engage through a simple interface and enjoy all the extra dimensions that a virtual show offers.

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Interactive Chat

Each panel discussion and debate (all chaired by Ivan Yates) will be interactive by easily typing your message/question into a panel on screen.

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Packed Agenda

Prepare to be informed, entertained and engaged by panels, discussions and lively debates on all that is currently relevant in the breeding aspect of dairy farming in Ireland.

Past Sponsors

Past sponsors of the Summit include:



7 pm - Breeding Technology, your 24/7 assistant but which one would work best for YOU?


7.30 pm - Is 2023 the biggest year for Irish dairy breeding?


8 pm - “The Drive for 25” - Why and how breeding can help Irish dairy meet its GHG reduction targets.


8.30 pm - Nutrition - the cow's fuel that can increase profits and reduce labour.

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